Learn how to compress images and videos for free using whats app


Taking quality photos and shooting videos have become a child’s play in the rea of smart phones and DSLRs.

But storing your fond memories in the form of images and videos is difficult because of limited storage capacity of mobiles.Also we download various images which are very heavy and their sizes are up to 8 mb.

Even uploading such heavy images to website or blog makes them slow. The best solution is to compress your videos and images.

There are so many online sites which give you this facility free of cost and some are paid. Most people don’t know about them and waste their time.

The simplest and the best option to compress images and videos is whats app.

Let’s learn how to do it here.

How to compress images and videos free of cost using whats app without losing their quality

You all know that whats-app is an online messaging platform and it is available free of cost if you have internet connection. It is very simple and easy process to compress your photos, images, and videos using whats-app.

You might wonder how it works, but believe me it is 100% sure and correct method. Here is an image design prepared with Canva. See its details.

Now see the size details of this image in the following screenshot

Now just send this image through whats-app to your home number or any other contact and ask to send it again to you. Now see the difference in the sizes of both the images. See here the details of resent image through whats-app.

Now see the size details of this received image through whats-app

It is really exciting and hassle free process. It is also useful for bloggers for uploading images to their websites and blogs.

Also in some cases, you can take screenshots of the images and crop them and save or upload them to website or blog.But the size of screen shot is bigger than whatsapp compressed image.

In the same way, you can send your videos through whats-app and compress them without any trouble.

Just remember one thing that you can send maximum 30 images at a time. You can repeatedly send 30 images for so many times and save your valuable storage.


Hope you will like this trick of compressing images and videos free of cost using whats-app and use it.

With love+ respect from team uniquemotivation.tech

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