True friends and friendship quotes


It is said that A friend in need is the friend indeed.

Really true friends and their friendship can’t be compared with anything except bliss.

Here are some unique Valentine’s Day quotes for 2021.

Here are some of the unique quotes for friends and their friendship.

1)Trust and mutual understanding is the foundation of frendship.

2)True friends don’t need explanations. They just accept.

3)Real friends are rare, but they are somewhere in people like you.

4)Count your assets in the number of good friends you have.

5)When you are tired and fed up your friend comes to back you up.

6) Don’t make mistakes in judging true friends. Just ask your inner self.

7)When your heart admits somebody as your friend, don’t let him/her go away.

8) Don’t try to find common things between you and your friend. Just find common hearts.

9) Friend is the only one before whom you can express your heart.

10) Friend understands need, stands behind us without heed and greed.

11)If you have got true friends, feel lucky and rich. Most of the people are unlucky and poor in this regard.

12) Nobody except your true friend will accept your excuses without making any of them.

13)If you are happy having somebody your friend. Don’t expect too much.

14) Friendship is like two different things moving to the same destination without competing with each other.

15) Your family and friends will keep your feet on the earth, otherwise false drones will lift you high and leave.

16) Be grateful to true friends and friendship.

17)If somebody fails to understand you. It is not your mistake your true friends will never do so.

18) Identify the thin line of difference between true friends and flattering foes.

19) Life will change but true friend will never.

20) Allow your true friends to correct your course. You will never repent for it.

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