World Environment Day 2021

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Shree Ganeshay Namah

World Environment Day

Speech and slogans about environment day.

Delhi- The whole world is celebrating world environment day today on 5th June 2021 and its theme for this year is ECOSYSTEM RESTORATION. Let’s know all the details related to environment day like its beginning, purpose, other names activities and the need to celebrate World Environment Day.

When was first environment day celebrated?

Environment day was first celebrated in 1974. After that each we celebrate it on 5th June.

The purpose of World Environment Day

The purpose of celebrating world environment day is to raise attention to the environmental problems like Marine pollution, growing human population, sustainable consumption and development and wildlife crimes.

What are the different names of environment day

World environment day has different names such Eco day, environment day and WED.

Activities conducted on the occasion of world environment day

On this day, efforts are made to create awareness about the environmental problems and their solutions through speeches, functions, rallies, drives, posters, various programs.

What can we do for our environment

We are constantly made aware about the grave environmental issues like global warming, climate changes, extinction of species and threat for human existence.

So the only thing we can do is to act now to save our environment. Plant more trees, stop cutting trees, use green energy, recycle, reuse and reduce consumption. Stop using plastic and other harmful chemicals.

I hope everybody will do your part and save our earth.

My Environment- my responsibility- to maintain human life stability.

Save environment-save the earth.

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